Announcing the new ThunderCals Website

UPDATE 4/24/23


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UPDATE 4/20/23

I have Sad news to share that my father, Norris Graser, has passed away tragically on April 16, 2023

Please be patience while I work on Transitition on ThrunderCals Online Website, it will be back up in about a week.

Thank you for patience



17 thoughts on “Announcing the new ThunderCals Website

  1. Can you please add me to any E mail updates list please. Mainly interested in 5th USAAF and the 56th FG of the 8th USAAF especially their 61FS 👍🏻 Very impressed with your sets so far.
    Regards Steve A

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  2. Thanks Steve- You are added to the list. Meantime there are several P-47 subjects for 5th AF. available now on Tcal 001 ( 310th FS Passionate Patsy) Tcal 002 (348th FG Fiery Ginger) TCal 003 ( Three 58th FG Tbolts; 311th FS Slick Chick, 310th FS San Antonio Rose & 69th FS Golden Gopher) all available on this site.


  3. Fantastic site Mr. Graser. With the P-47 being one of my favorite airplanes, I would love to see 56th F.G., 365th F.G., and maybe some 36th, 48, 50th F.G. decals, especially the last three as they are under-represented, in my opinion. Again awesome site my friend, will check it daily.

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  4. Thank You for putting the Memory of the Men and their Ships to Decal!!! Would love to see more 365th FG / 386th, 387th & 388th FS Artwork on Decals. My Uncle flew w/ the 386th FS (Haul’in Ass).

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  5. I have had the privilege of many email contacts with Mr. Glaser. I am a bit of a decaloholic with the P-47 being one of my top collectibles in decal sheets. At present, I have 109 1/48 sheets by 18 different manufacturers (including all of the previous ThunderCal releases). That covers 434 subjects with only about 40 duplicate plane markings. And Norris is mentioned on a Hugh number of those sheets as a contributor. Kind of begs the question as to how Norris became so enamored with the P-47. I know I just love great markings, and the ‘bolt was certainly a big canvas for the talented artist on the many airfields across the WW2 terrain.
    It was particularly thrilling when Norris released markings for PTO P-47s. Marvelous markings that have long been neglected. It is my hope he will continue these. Upon reading some of the other responders request, I can say in my collection-
    Steve Andrews- the 56th FG has been well represented with AeroMaster leading the way with 16 regular and 1 special sheet, and 9 other manufacturers with at least 25 different subjects from the 61st FS.
    James Sontag- 365 FG, BarracudaCals has it covered with BC48036 covering 29 planes and SuperScale chiming in with 1 plane.
    36FG, horribly underrepresented with a mere 1 example, ditto for the 50th FG and a measly 2 examples for the 35th FG. Among all those examples I have, there are none representing the 48th FG, a group that won a DUC. I wonder what Norris has on these terribly under represented groups?
    Stephen McWhorter- I would imagine you probably already know this, but your uncle’s plane, SN 4228296, D5*A, Haulin’ Ass is represented on BarracudaCals Thunderbolts of the Hell Hawks, BC48036. Of course the book that comes with that is fantastic. I know BC has also released some additional artworks for that group, but no new decals that I know of.
    If any of the gentlemen above are trying to isolate a particular plane to a decal sheet they could then try to source ( since a large number of my collection is long out of print), I would be happy to give what info I have. Remember, all my sheets are for 1/48th scale, my scale of choice.
    Now Norris, are we going to see more PTO P-47s? And how about some N model 47s. That’s a model that definitely is under represented in decal dressings. I unabashedly can state that so far you’ve knocked it out of the park with your selections. What more can I say than carry on sir. I will look forward to anything you choose to release.

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  6. I’ve waited for decals for Neel Kearny for many years. I was thrilled when I found your web site. Not computer literate. Can I purchase sheet 48-002 with my debit bank card?


  7. I am in the midst of building RS Johnson’s “Penrod and Sam. I have found several website photos of Johnson in what appears to be some publicity shots in and around his aircraft. In doing some research, I have found that US aircraft landing struts were painted with aluminum lacquer before the war. As there was an aluminum shortage in 1942 and 1943, to save on aluminum powder added to the lacquer, manufacturers switched to other colors. Lockheed used Neutral Grey on P38s, Ford and Consolidated also used Neutral Grey on their B24 struts. Republic used Dark Olive Drab on the P47 struts.
    Going back to Johnson’s “glamour shots,” there is one of Johnson poised with his crew chief (CC) while the CC is laying on the wing at the .50cal right-wing location like he’s working on the guns. Johnson is leaning on the upper landing gear door. There is evidence of dark paint that is badly peeled/chipped on the strut.
    My question is, do you have any information to confirm this “Dark Olive Green”? If so, can you give me a close FS number?

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    • I recall the image but don’t have access right now- I can’t locate it. However, as best as I recall it is inconclusive. If you feel the struts were OD then have at it. Some NMF razors and even NMF Bubbletops did have the OD painted struts. I have never run across any hard info as to ANA color that they were so you are on your own with that, as well. I have used in the past Model Master 34086 on struts. It’s a bit darker than ANA 41 or ANA 613. It is a personal choice. The key, i guess is representation.

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    • Mark-
      Happy you like the decal sets. We do our best to provide interesting subjects with as historically correct info as possible. YES New release coming soon. No set release date but looks like mid February for the next release. We do take pictures of models using Thundercals. We also accept pictures from modelers using Thundercals. Send them to
      Thanks for your comments, they are appreciated!


  8. Was directed here by a post on Hyperscale as looking to build Juicy Lucy, flown by 1st Lt. Phil Savides of the 50th FG, 313rd FS at Toul/Ochey Airfield (A-96) from the Tamiya 1/72 kit and understand that the Superscale sheet is missing quite a bit of info, such as kill markings and artwork on both sides of the nose. Apparently you might have accurate info to share? Can probably track down 2nd copy of the sheet for nose art and can make up kill markings, so any info would be very much appreciated.

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    • Craig,
      Yes, there is an error and omission on the SuperScale decals set.
      I did the research for the subject. At the time all that was available was the well-known & published right side image with JUICY LUCY artwork. It was originally published in Fighter Command, American Fighters in Original WWII Color, Jeff Ethell and Robert Sand, Motorbooks, Int., 1991- page 153. Image provided by Phil Savides. I called Phil for more info / images. Turned out, he lived about an hour from me. He loaned me 3 images total. He had no pictures to offer for the left side.
      I talked with him for a while asking questions and that included If there was artwork or details on the left side and his response was that all he recalled was art on the right side. Further, he had no idea who or what the artwork represented. He noted that he inherited the P-47 as it was 1st assigned to another pilot who was KIA in another aircraft. He was not aware if his name was even on the plane due to inheriting someone else’s P-47.
      A few years later, film footage appeared on History channel with an earlier razorback Lucy flying alongside a B-17.The visible side was the left, and the same art was on that side. So I kind of figured that it was also on the left of the bubbletop. Much later I happened onto the left side of the bubbletop. I have nothing on name presentation or whatever missions/ aerial victories that may be present on the left.
      So, yes an omission; same artwork on the left. No Juicy Lucy name apparent. It is the same girl art so you can use another girl from a 2nd decal set. However, the background is also the same as that presents a problem as the “tear” in the background color is slightly different and even if you used a 2nd artwork, the tear would now be near or on the cowl flaps- not as it is presented on the right side, within the red cowl ring. So your remedy would have to be cutting the girls free of the background color and replicating it with paint.
      In addition, there is an error; SuperScale supplied the oversized lower wing insignia, which is cut at the flap. However, they erroneously made it to fit the underside, left (port) wing instead of where it actually was placed, under the right (starboard) wing. So that won’t work. But that is an easy enough remedy, easily rectified as you can source the insignia from elsewhere. Of course, I am obligated to highly recommend Thundercals 48005, an insignia and info/data utility decal set. NO serious Thunderbolt builder should be without this set!
      Oh, I should note that the left side B&W image lightened up shows that NO insignia was under the port wing at all. I mention this because it was common in the ETO to apply the standard position right under wing insignia and also one under the left (port) underside wing as well. Not so in this case. When applied they were presented in any combination of standard or oversize insignia, in this case, just the over sized insignia under the right wing. If I understand your post correctly, the decals are included in a Tamiya 1/72nd scale release. If so, I would definitely check out the lower insignia issue to make sure that some of the art was referenced from the SuperScale release.
      If you (or anyone) would like a scan of the left side image , feel free to email me at


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