My San Antonio Rose TCal 48003

TCal 48003 My San Antonio Rose 148th Scale Tamiya P_47D Razorback. Model by Norris Graser

For this subject I chose an aircraft from the 310th FS/58th FG assigned to Capt. LeeRoy Chadwell Flight leader, Yellow Flight as denoted by the single yellow command stripe on the aft fuselage.  Originally a simple name, “Munchkin” was applied to either side of the cowling but after receiving a “Dear John” letter, Chadwell had a red rose with the legend, My San Antonio Rose applied.  

 The model of choice is the Tamiya 1/48th scale P-47D razorback. Markings from Thundercals 48003 featuring 3 Razorbacks- 1 each from the three 58th FG squadrons.  I added a True Details resin seat and Eduard pre painted instrument panel to enhance the “Okay just as it is” cockpit.  Externally, I added a pair of Lockheed 150 Gallon tanks “lifted” from the Tamiya P-47M release. These tanks were common to P-47’s in the SWP and the 58th in particular BUT not used in the 56th FG on their M model Tbolt. So no problem taking them from that release. 

Paints used were Model Master Enamels; Olive Drab 086 counter shaded with Olive Drab 087.  In addition, minor fading and weathering were accomplished using Model Master ANA 613 and ANA 613 faded.  The I.D. Yellow#48 used on the cowl is Floquil Reefer Yellow. The alternating natural metal finish cowl flaps are Gunze Stainless.  The underside gray is a combo of Model Master Medium Sea Gray counter shaded with Neutral Gray. This is a personal choice as I find available Neutral gray colors to be a bit dark for my taste.   The white used on the leading edge and the tail is Model Master Semi-Gloss White. 

Slick Chick TCal 48003

Tcal 48003 Slick Chick 1/48th Scale Tamiya P-47D Razorback. Model by Richard Van Zandt

This is one of the many P-47’s I’ve built out of the 1/48th Tamiya kit. Every time I build one I realize what a jewel of a kit it is. Easy to build, no fit problems, mostly accurate and not needing any AM if you don’t want to. I did a bit of detailing on this one, wired the engine, did a bit f riveting on the body and wing, and added a resin set with belts molded and some resin tires.  Metal paint was various shades of Alclad starting with a gloss black base of Mr. Color, spraying the whole thing with Chrome first.  The rest of the colors were a combination of Mr. Paint, Mr. Color and Tamiya. The decals were from one of the Thundercals sheets (Tcal 48003 P-47D Razorbacks PTO 69/310/311th FS/58th FG) that cover many Pacific based T-bolts. I used MigAmmo for the wash and also for the oil and fuel stains.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         I have a total of 9 built so far- most from AeroMaster, EagleStrike or Cutting Edge sheets. This was the first using Thundercals and I really liked them; interesting subjects, crisp detail, good stencils. The film disappears under 1 coat of Future. They went down well, a bit sensitive to anything but mild decal setting solution