THUNDERDUMP Gallery (The other guys)

1/48th scale Tamiya P-47D Bubbletop “Eileen” 84th FS/78th FG by Ed Mate

The subject of this model is Frank Oiler’s P-47 D-28-RA Bubbletop “Eileen”, his 2nd assigned Thunderbolt. Camouflage scheme consists of RAF Dark Green over Sky Grey.  Paints used were Model Master enamels; to replicate the RAF Green, FS 34079 was used with black added as the 079 is a bit too bright.  For the underside British Sky Grey, Model Master Japan Navy Sky Grey was used.  Alclad Aluminum was used for gun barrels, prop boss and the fuel tanks.  The invasion stripes and theater bands were painted – no decals.  A coat of white was applied to the cowling before applying the black checker decals. The 108 gal. paper tanks are a combination of the kit parts and Eduard Brassin resin.  In the cockpit is a Yahu instrument panel and an Ultracast seat.  The wheels are from Obscureco.  Ignition wires were added to the engine.

Decal markings are from several sources. The base markings decal set consisting of Oiler’s personal markings (wasp art, Eileen name, crew data block) plus serials and side codes are from AeroMaster 48-083 Thunderbolts Galore.  The cowling checkers are the type A checkers from the Thundercals decal set, 48006 1/48th P-47D Bubbletops and Razorbacks 78th FG/365thFG  8th & 9th air force.  Insignia and data including prop logo’s, cuff data, P&W engine logo/placard come from Thundecals 48005 Insignia/data utility set.

1/72nd scale Revell Germany P-47D Bubbletop 63rd FS/56th FG commemorative by Charles Scardon

Built out of the box. SNJ metallic was applied over a basecoat of Testors Gloss white. In fact, I used the Testors’ small square bottle line. Often overlooked, there are many excellent colors in the small bottle line. The red for the cowl is #1103 (not insignia red.)  The blue rudder was a mix of 1110 bright Blue and 1145 white.

I used 3 Guys Replica Decals for this subject.  Markings are for the 56th FG commemorative P-47M parked next to the Eifel Tower at the end of WW II. The a/c named in honor of the 56th’s 1st Group commander, Hub Zemke – hence, “Zemke’s Wolfpack proudly emblazoned on either side of the forward fuselage. Worth noting that 3 Guys was the only decal maker to publish these special markings – both in 1/72nd and  1/48th scale. Worth looking for!   

1/72nd Scale P-47M Revell Germany Josephine My Flying Machine 62nd FS/63rdFG By Charlie Scardon