About ThunderCals

ThunderCals is the name for my decal-creation enterprise.  I’ve always been a particular fan of the P-47, and I’ve got lots of research materials on aircraft for which decals have never been produced.  I’ve been researching aircraft for decal makers and model manufactures starting in 1987. Since 2011 I’ve been creating and selling decals for JUST Tbolts under the ThunderCals name for a few years now, and I’ll continue to do so for the foreseeable future. The purpose of this site is to let fans and potential customers know what’s currently available and the plans for upcoming releases.  Let me know what you think, and what you’d like to see.

Thanks for looking (and, hopefully, buying).


Website has been updated.

Hope you like it better and any feedback are welcomed. thundercals@yahoo.com

The future of Thundercals Decals

I have no plans to add the new decals releases, the order will stay open until inventory runs out. the real reason I am not a Modeler guru myself I am more of a flight simulator guru. so once that inventory is out. as of current I have no plan to restock the current Thundercals decals inventory.

I have several Tamiya P-47D Thunderbolt “razorback” #86 and P-47D Thunderbolt “bubbletop” #90 sealed/open model kits in my inventory. I will include the Thundercals decals of your choice at discounted cost Tamiya P-47D model kits. the order will be added to the website www.thundercals.com sometime this weekday.

if you have a question please contact me via thundercals@yahoo.com

Thank you

P.S. Vendors are also invited, contact me via email thundercals@yahoo.com

14 thoughts on “About ThunderCals

    • Thank you for responding… Your decals look outstanding !!! If you ever change your mind – I think you would do good in the 1/32 market…


  1. Norris, I received 002 and 006 today from you and they are top notch. And thanks for the sneak preview of your next set coming out. It is an out of the park home run!

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  2. How about doing a sheet or two focused on “ground pouder” P-47 squadrons of the ETO and MTO? I’m specifically interested in the 492nd, 493rd and 494th FS.


  3. Erik Thanks for the request. The next decal set will likely be MTO. Although I have a few 48th FG P-47’s on file, I don’t believe I have enough information / research to do a comprehensive decal set for the group at this time. I have a good set of marking for one 492nd ship, Sweet Louise. If you have comprehensive info / images for others for consideration, you can email to Thundercals@yahoo.com and i will add to my 48th FG file.


    • I’d like to buy decals from you. But everytime I try, PayPal sneds an error message stating “something” went wrong. Have you got an alternative to PayPal?


      • What decal sets are you trying to buy. I would want to check those pay pal links out to see what the problem is. Meantime, email to thundercals@yahoo.com and i will complete your order. just note the decals you are ordering. Include name & address. Thanks


  4. I was wondering more from a hobby perspective but for AO Smith Propeller how do you get it? The Tamiya Kit only has the 3 Propeller options that are 2 Curtiss Electric and the Hamilton Standard. My only thought is to use the one Curtiss Electric and call it good enough but I was curious if you recommended another way? Thank you for the decals and especially for the razorbacks.


  5. Daniel Schram

    Hi Dan!
    Unfortunately, all razorback kits in 1/48th include earlier versions of propellers. That means no AO Smith asymmetrical props.

    There are no aftermarket resin asym props, either. So, if you want to use the asymmetrical prop as noted on the decal instructions, you will need to borrow from a bubbletop kit. All Hasegawa, (except the Gabby Gabreski special release) and both Tamiya bubbletop kits feature multiple props, including the asymmetrical prop. Part numbers in the Tamiya kits are #5 and #6.

    If you don’t have access to a bubbletop kit and want to use what’s in the razorback kit, I would assume that most razorbacks arrived in the CBI with one of the earlier types props.so you can use either. If using the Tamiya razorback kit, Id likely opt for parts #34, #35. The props recommended on Thundercals instructions are what we could see as installed in photographs at a particular time in the aircraft’s history. The prop matches the markings on the decal set, as applied at that moment in history.


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