Announcing the new ThunderCals Website

Here it is, the new ThunderCals website.  Look here for all things ThunderCals – decal sheets already available, plans for upcoming releases, musings on the state of the modeling world, or whatever else I think might be of interest to others on the subject.

Please feel free to let me know what you think!  Leave a comment.


Dan’l Boone, built by Darren Dickerson using T’Cals decal set 48004

10 thoughts on “Announcing the new ThunderCals Website

  1. Can you please add me to any E mail updates list please. Mainly interested in 5th USAAF and the 56th FG of the 8th USAAF especially their 61FS 👍🏻 Very impressed with your sets so far.
    Regards Steve A

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  2. Thanks Steve- You are added to the list. Meantime there are several P-47 subjects for 5th AF. available now on Tcal 001 ( 310th FS Passionate Patsy) Tcal 002 (348th FG Fiery Ginger) TCal 003 ( Three 58th FG Tbolts; 311th FS Slick Chick, 310th FS San Antonio Rose & 69th FS Golden Gopher) all available on this site.


  3. Fantastic site Mr. Graser. With the P-47 being one of my favorite airplanes, I would love to see 56th F.G., 365th F.G., and maybe some 36th, 48, 50th F.G. decals, especially the last three as they are under-represented, in my opinion. Again awesome site my friend, will check it daily.

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  4. Thank You for putting the Memory of the Men and their Ships to Decal!!! Would love to see more 365th FG / 386th, 387th & 388th FS Artwork on Decals. My Uncle flew w/ the 386th FS (Haul’in Ass).

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  5. I have had the privilege of many email contacts with Mr. Glaser. I am a bit of a decaloholic with the P-47 being one of my top collectibles in decal sheets. At present, I have 109 1/48 sheets by 18 different manufacturers (including all of the previous ThunderCal releases). That covers 434 subjects with only about 40 duplicate plane markings. And Norris is mentioned on a Hugh number of those sheets as a contributor. Kind of begs the question as to how Norris became so enamored with the P-47. I know I just love great markings, and the ‘bolt was certainly a big canvas for the talented artist on the many airfields across the WW2 terrain.
    It was particularly thrilling when Norris released markings for PTO P-47s. Marvelous markings that have long been neglected. It is my hope he will continue these. Upon reading some of the other responders request, I can say in my collection-
    Steve Andrews- the 56th FG has been well represented with AeroMaster leading the way with 16 regular and 1 special sheet, and 9 other manufacturers with at least 25 different subjects from the 61st FS.
    James Sontag- 365 FG, BarracudaCals has it covered with BC48036 covering 29 planes and SuperScale chiming in with 1 plane.
    36FG, horribly underrepresented with a mere 1 example, ditto for the 50th FG and a measly 2 examples for the 35th FG. Among all those examples I have, there are none representing the 48th FG, a group that won a DUC. I wonder what Norris has on these terribly under represented groups?
    Stephen McWhorter- I would imagine you probably already know this, but your uncle’s plane, SN 4228296, D5*A, Haulin’ Ass is represented on BarracudaCals Thunderbolts of the Hell Hawks, BC48036. Of course the book that comes with that is fantastic. I know BC has also released some additional artworks for that group, but no new decals that I know of.
    If any of the gentlemen above are trying to isolate a particular plane to a decal sheet they could then try to source ( since a large number of my collection is long out of print), I would be happy to give what info I have. Remember, all my sheets are for 1/48th scale, my scale of choice.
    Now Norris, are we going to see more PTO P-47s? And how about some N model 47s. That’s a model that definitely is under represented in decal dressings. I unabashedly can state that so far you’ve knocked it out of the park with your selections. What more can I say than carry on sir. I will look forward to anything you choose to release.

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  6. I’ve waited for decals for Neel Kearny for many years. I was thrilled when I found your web site. Not computer literate. Can I purchase sheet 48-002 with my debit bank card?


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